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A dedicated team of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing professionals, together offering over a hundred years of experience in bringing quality products to market in record time, is the "secret sauce" behind our success both as an outsourced technology provider and product manufacturer.


Founded in 2000, CEntrance develops, licenses and distributes cutting-edge audio products worldwide. CEntrance is known for its co-development work with audio industry leaders such as Waves, Benchmark, Lavry, and Mackie. Our first product MicPort Pro, the winner of Mac Life Magazine's 2008 Editor's Choice Award is a portable, Class A USB mic preamp that transforms any microphone into a USB mic, offering 24-bit/96kHz performance and a loud headphone output. Its companion product AxePort Pro is the easiest way to connect a guitar or bass to a laptop for portable recording with professional results.


CEntrance, Inc. is headquartered near Chicago and has design facilities in USA, Eastern and Western Europe, and manufacturing capacity in China.


Dave Robinson interviews Michael Goodman:

Yes, really the smartest guy in the room

"Michael Goodman is MD of CEntrance, a SWAT team for the pro-audio community, if you like. "We get called in when someone can't crack a tough problem," he says. "As a design firm we learned to like a challenge. Something that keeps you up at night, thinking, how do I solve this problem? Computer audio in general is problematic, as we all know. For instance: it was important to us to develop drivers that were robust and low latency. Now a bunch of big name clients use our driver technology."

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